The Narrow Path

Our lives are often compared to a journey. It is a journey we take collectively and also as individuals. This life journey is the path that we take; the choices we make. The societies that we live in try to define that path for us through education, social conditioning, the media, religion, etc. Most people accept the path that has been defined for them... somewhat choosing a "quiet unchallenged, unfulfilled life" This is known as the broad road of life and it has many parallel lanes. The subtle deceptions found within is the belief that you are expressing individuality. The bitter reality is that very few live uncompromised individuality.

And then there are others who have chosen a different path...
a narrow path. The narrow path has many more obstacles, is more difficult to traverse and, unsurprisingly, has less occupants. Many are the fallings on this path. However we are defined not by how many times we fall but how many times we arise. The distractions and obstacles are many. The frustrations of rejection, lengthy obscurity are, at times, overwhelming. However the reward of the overcomer is the profound fulfillment of their heart's desire... the journey of Michael A McKenzie and the experience of the album " The Road Ahead".

Martin A Knights

The Road Ahead album is now available on Itunes, Amazon, and Amazon UK

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